Sir Osborn

Sir Osborn is a perfect example of chicken before the egg (the famous Orica House being the chicken), Hot Black were engaged to develop Sir Osborn’s visual identity and interior to be in line with the building’s rich history. Formally known as ICI House, the building was begun in 1955 and was the tallest building in Australia upon completion in 1958. It was a symbol of progress, modernity and corporate power in a post war Melbourne.

The design intent of the interior draws from the ‘less is more’ and ‘purity of form’ principles typical of modern architecture. The colour palette draws its inspiration from the building’s raw materials of brick and ceramic tiles. The muted terracotta injects colour into an otherwise restrained interior colour palette. Intricately laced in greenery, this café welcomes the outside in and celebrates its home amongst Melbourne icons such as the Carlton Gardens and Parliament House.

Sir Osborn Cafe
1 Nicholson St
East Melbourne 3002

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